Monday, February 19, 2018

Monday Motivation

Yoga Guy
Robert Downey Jr.
While I know today is Presidents' Day, that does not mean it is necessarily time off from the gym. Therefore some Monday Motivation is in order.

Some of you may or may not be in the loop that I do yoga once a week. It is not my favorite thing, but my body is addicted to it, and I listen to my body talk

Well I am trying to up it to twice a week and I needed something, or someone to motivate me to take it today. Hence this shot of Robert Downey Jr. in yoga action.

Honestly I am quite impressed with how flexible he is, something I am not. Which going more than once a week would improve on that situation. 

Robert and myself are also the same age, 52. Also considering everything he has been through in his life and the fact that he can commit to the ancient art and do it well...that's motivation for you!

So, I am going to bend it like RDJ today and step up my yoga game. 

Hey, it's Monday after all.

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