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Checking In With: Jonathan Brett

It’s time, give you a formal intro to Mr. Jonathan Brett, an “Entertain Me” staple for his YouTube show “Mr. Meatballs Takes on Life”.

Well JB (as his friends know him) is an actor/performer with much more diversity and talent than just his “Meatballs”.

From guest starring on the CBS series “Cold Case” to the indie horror comedy “Stupid Teenagers Must Die” - J. Brett has proven himself a talented actor who can take on a variety of roles.

This is especially apparent with his two current projects, a role in a movie from The Asylum: “Celebrity Sex Tape” and a lead in the premiere play “Geeks - The Musical”.

OK - JB, let’s do it!

MS: Hey JB where are you right now?

JB: I just got finished with an audition for a Toyota commercial.

MS: Very cool, glad to catch you in the car, Mr. Busy! So you are in the Valentine’s Day video release from The Asylum “Celebrity Sex Tape.”

JB:  Yes I am!
"Celebrity Sex Tape"

MS: Why is that a Valentine’s Day release?

JB: Ya know, I couldn’t tell you actually (laughs) It’s a one of those “geek falls in love and gets his love” type of things…so, it kind of is a Valentine’s Day release, with a lot of sex in it! (laughs) A good Valentine’s Day for most people is sex so…

MS: Tell people a little about your character.

JB: His name is Ed, his nickname is “Sex Ed” he gets that nickname toward the middle of the movie. Basically if this were “American Pie” he would be the “Stifler” character. He’s always talking about sex, everything is about how he can get laid. Ed is a cool sex guy (laughs)

MS: Rumor has it The Asylum is a great movie company to work with.

JB: The Asylum is great, they’re a group of professionals. I never thought you could knock out a 120 page script in 10 shooting days. They knew how to do it, and they did it with class and integrity and I am sure it will turn out fantastic.

MS: My friend Liz Adams (Director, of The Asylum’s “Air Collision”) really liked working with them too.

JB: They were truly great people to work with, I made a lot of lasting friendships out of it. It was a lot of fun and these are people I will know for the rest of my life.

MS: It’s like the old Roger Corman system.

JB: Yes, they crank out a lot of good material for a low budget and are very successful, they know what they are doing.

MS: Well, I have a feeling you have told us as much about “Celebrity Sex Tape” that you are able to.

"Celebrity Sex Tape"
JB: Yeah, before something is out, you aren’t really sure what you can and can’t say, I don’t think I gave too much away.

MS: Nah, you didn’t - How excited are you to be the lead in a brand new musical BTW?

JB: I’m very excited about it! It’s called “Geeks - The Musical” which I think has the potential to go to, at least Off-Broadway. The concept has yet to make it to a Broadway stage, there are so many geeks in the world it’s about time they had a musical!

MS: When does it open?

JB: March 1st at Write Act Reparatory Theatre in Hollywood, CA. It’s up on Plays 411 now which is also very exciting!

MS: How many musical numbers do you have?

JB: So far I’ve got 9. They are also thinking about adding me to the opening number too, normally every character is in the opening number and that would bring it up to 10. I’m really excited for it, it’s going to be a lot of fun! It also takes place somewhere really geeky, the Comi-Con Convention.

MS: Perfect! You have done a lot of varied things in the body of your work. What would be your ultimate dream gig to have?

JB: My ultimate dream, and I am going to do this, is to be a cast member on “Saturday Night Live.”

MS: How cool!

JB: SNL is so influential, and they’ve gotten very political over the years, which is fine. But I would really like to be part of bringing SNL back to it’s roots, when it was good sketch comedy that was timeless.

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