Friday, April 13, 2012

Rock On: James Durbin Plays The Viper Room

Twas a rainy night in Los Angeles, CA - "Entertain Me" favorite James Durbin was poised to take the world famous Viper Room stage.

His first stop however was performing "Higher Than Heaven" from his hit album "Memories of a Beautiful Disaster" on "American Idol" - As expected James tore it up on the "Idol" stage, hey do you doubt my words check out the performance courtesy of the magic we call YouTube....

Awaiting his arrival with my friend Ken in tow at The Viper Room I was treated to a few rockin' openers too...Jared James Nichols & Vayden. I text Ken he says they are en route from "Idol" on the way there James and his wife Heidi stop off to get matching tattoos - love is great!

I spy Ken, James takes the stage and he is in top form, in short James rocks! He never disappoints and never gives a bad performance. Of course he kicked "Higher Than Heaven" for The VR audience as well.

He also looked down at me a few times, "yes" I have seen him often enough he now knows who I am...!

Can't wait to see you perform again JD - you F#$king Rule!

James is currently on tour, check out when and where at:

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  1. awesome. We are big fans, I'm so glad things are going well for him.