Monday, May 14, 2012

10 Seconds With: Message to Venus

Photo: Chris Martin
What series of events unites a few strangers to make music together? Is it a cosmic anomaly or destiny? Jandre Nadal, John Feliciano, Edgar Ramos and JuanMa Font gravitated towards each other because of a shared desire to create intoxicating and sublime music. “Message to Venus” has yielding blistering tracks with great depth, melding dreamlike sounds with unheard-of guitar strength, tight bass, high-energy drums and powerful melodic vocals since 2009.

With their well received EP “The Envelope” “Message to Venus” is hard at work on their first full length album titled:  “Victims & Villains” - Here to give us the 411 is band member Jandre Nadal.

MS: So why the band name “Message to Venus”? There’s got to be a story behind that.

JN: When I was working on the “Message to Venus” project initially, it was going to be a side gig. I just wanted to do music I really enjoyed playing. I was looking to do something a little more 90’s style rock, ya know I was really into “Pearl Jam”, “Stone Temple Pilots” “Alice in Chains”…I grew up with bands like that, I listened a lot to the early albums of “Bush”.  I wanted to play rock music that had an edge and was aggressive, but that my girlfriend at the time could appreciate it as well.

What I had in mind was something heavy, but very melodic. I didn’t want to go for the “I hate you, I’m gonna rip your head off” ya know “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh” type of thing. (laughs) I love that music, I still listen to it, but it’s not what I want to do.

MS: Very cool.

JN: “Message to Venus” is actually a song, it was the first song I ever wrote. The song wasn’t working, but the lyrics I loved and I always liked the title. Contrary to popular belief “Message to Venus” does not refer to a woman, it describes the vibe of the music I wanted to make. Very spacey, a lot of guitar and vocals - I listened to a lot of “Pink Floyd” I wanted to mix a lot of that 60’s & 70’s rock with the modern, early Y2K music.

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