Sunday, June 17, 2012

Colton Rudloff of "Midnight Red" Gets Random

Boys will be boys, and “Midnight Red” is here to prove it. In the boy band tradition of The “Back Street Boys” & “New Kids On The Block“, who they opened for on tour. This group of exciting and talented young men are carrying on this pop tradition torch.

Hot on the heels of their EP “One Club At A Time” and their own tour as well “Midnight Red” is dropping, what is sure to be the pop anthem of the summer “Hell Yeah”.

So, let's get random with band member, Colton Rudloff.

MS: OK, I am going to throw out 10 random things for you and you saw the first thing that pops into your mind.

CR: Oh, OK, so like a word association?

MS: Yeah.

CR: Let’s do it!

MS: YouTube

CR:  YouTube covers

MS: Midnight Red

CR: Amazing Boy Band

MS: Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle yeah

CR: Dancing naked on Hollywood & Highland

MS: Pure Singing

CR: You got that from me!

MS: Yes I did
Colton Rudloff

CR: Pure singing: Adele

MS: Buffalo, NY

CR: Great People
MS: Kelly Clarkson

CR: The perfect pop idol

MS: Boy Bands

CR: Never gone and never going to

MS: Hard Rock Café

CR: Stepping stone

MS: Lip synching

CR: Some people are too good at it

MS: Hell Yeah

CR: The 2012 Summer Anthem

MS: Got it, thank you.

CR: No, thank you man, thanks for the support

"Hell Yeah" the anthem of the summer drops tomorrow June 19th 2012!

Get Red at:
Twitter: @itsMidnightRed

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