Friday, June 8, 2012

TV Watch: Lindsay Lohan Takes On Taylor

Lindsay Lohan & Grant Bowler as Taylor & Burton
Alright people, it's time I chimed in on this, everyone seems to be down on Lindsay Lohan's casting as icon Elizabeth Taylor.

First off we have not seen her actual performance, so STFU until you do, then judge. That being said Lohan has proven herself a credible actress, of course I could site one of my fave movies of all time "Mean Girls" and as a matter of fact I just did....but let's go to this place "Prairie Home Companion" anyone? Where she played Meryl Streeps daughter and held her own against the amazing Meryl, thank you very much.

Now let's address those who think Lindsay is not "classy" enough to play Elizabeth Taylor. Like Taylor, Lindsay is human and has made many mistakes along the way, what Elizabeth Taylor does not walk on water?!

Uh, no actually, she was human too just like Linds, which is why I think Lindsay is going to bring it on in her portrayal.

The real Taylor & Burton

They were both child actresses, no easy path, from other examples we have seen in the media, besides Ms. Lohan.

Elizabeth Taylor was a pariah during her time too for her adulteress affair with then married Richard Burton.

Dear Elizabeth also abused alcohol and prescription pills, most likely even up to her later years, anyone remember her loopy presentation on the Golden Globes to "Gladiator" for Best Picture?

I am certainly not one to live in a glass house and throw stones like most people, nor do I have a selective memory, like the masses, I do remember all of these things about Ms. Taylor that everyone else seems to be choosing to ignore in favor of America's favorite pastime, Lindsay bashing.

That being stated, I think Elizabeth Taylor was a great broad and her kindness and humanitarian efforts will be her legacy. We are all human and flawed and Lindsay is no exception, I hope she nails the role of a Lifetime (yes, pun intended) and gets herself back on track.

Elizabeth's legend will continue to shine, why not give Ms. Lohan the same chance to re-invent her life?

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