Monday, June 11, 2012

TV Watch: "They're Back" Pretty Little Liars

Bring your "A" game b!tches! "PLL" is back...can I get a "Hey now"? This show rocks and continues to do so season after season.

OK - when we left off with the "Psycho" inspired finale from last season, Mona was revealed as "A" - well as we know now (uh, or at least you should) there is a whole conspiracy surrounding our "Liars".

I still believe Alison DiLaurentis is alive and well and giving the girls Hell. Maybe I am wrong, but there is obviously other enigma's involved in the grand scheme of things.

Yeah, OK, I am sorry to see Emily has now gone alcoholic - I always thought her to be so strong, and WTF with Spencer is she in on the "A" game...that would account for a lot if one of the "liars" was working to bring down the others.

Hanna is, well Hanna - I like her and I would be wanting to know why Mona hated me too. Aria (love her) continues to fascinate me as a very young woman, with an old soul, kudos to Holly Marie Combs for her wise portrayal of her mother (hey not all Mom's are that savvy).

 Also a shout out to some of the smartest writing and one of the best casts ever. Can't wait for episode deux, so glad it's back...just in time for summer!

"Summertime and the livin' is easy"........

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