Monday, July 2, 2012

Getting To Know: Shara Strand

Shara Strand is your new “American Idol”….well OK, she isn’t and good thing too. How many winners of that show went onto the success Shara will?! Two…Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.

Ms. Strand armed with a great voice and a desire to tell stories is going to better the pop world - with her literally titled single “Jekyll or Hyde” and her more ambiguously titled EP, “Born Tonight” Shara has something to say musically and personally.

Hey Shara, I know you are waiting, let me hand you the microphone!

MS: The thing that is interesting to me is you say you look up to Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand & Whitney Houston, personally I think your vocal quality is more Karen Carpenter.

SS: Ohhhhhhh, that’s kind of cool! You know when someone says something like that, right out of left field for me, I would never think about that, but I love Karen Carpenter.

MS: Your vocals are pure and uncluttered, very direct, much like hers.

SS: I’m more about telling a story than I am about vocal gymnastics.

MS: Let’s talk about your EP “Born Tonight” - you said it has been a long time coming and now you feel born in a metaphorical way.

SS: Where did you read that? I did say that. (laughs)

MS: It was in your press release. (laughs)

SS: Oh, OK (laughs) I had a list of titles for the EP - it’s a great EP and it finally came together within the last year. I was listening to the Rosanne Cash song: “Seven Year Ache” she says in the song “You act like you were just born tonight,” I thought it was interesting as there are all these good connotations to it, you are constantly reinventing yourself everyday. There is always an opportunity to learn more lessons and grow.

MS: When you have been working for a long time to bring something to fruition I can see how you would feel like you “birthed your baby” so to speak.

SS: Totally! When it was released I really felt like it was my baby.

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