Friday, July 13, 2012

His Name Is Woodson

Woodson Michel is the new face of R&B music. Deeply inspired by Prince, R. Kelly, Dru Hill and the great Michael Jackson, 

As this writer can verify his core values are humility and diligence. His sound is unique and crisp. Combine the two and you get a rare artist who effortlessly writes original songs, produce and sing.

Woodson began his career in Boston - please direct your undivided attention to the Woodson movement!

MS: Hey Woodson how are you, I see my text worked, you called! (laughs)

WM: Yeah it did! (laughs)

MS: Something I find cool is that one of your major influences is Prince, that really comes across in your song "She's Hot".

WM: Oh Yeah, I love Prince!

MS: What drew you to R&B music?

WM: Honestly? Gospel and R&B were always the most influential music in my life, I'm not gonna lie I am a sucker for love. (laughs)

MS: I love your first name it is unique, is there a reason behind it?

WM: There was a doctor named Woodson Carter, I know it's because of him that my Dad gave me my first name, but I am not clear on the exact reason why that is. 

MS: Tell me was "She's Hot" inspired by someone in particular?

WM: Yeah, I saw Kelly Hu on TV in the "X-Men 2" and thought "she's hot".

MS: You like action movies?

WM: I love action movies!

MS: Rumor has it you began your career in Boston, MA. were you born there?

WM: Well I am originally from Haiti and moved to New York when I was nine.

MS: Oh, OK.

WM: I have lived in Boston, MA for the last year, I recently moved out to Florida to be close to family. Boston was very unique, my footing is there.

His name is Woodson:

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