Thursday, November 1, 2012

"Make Believe" With Tom Goss

  • Singer/Songwriter, Tom Goss is here with his latest song "Make Believe". Tom is a well known musician who is about to get a lot more notoriety with the release of the video for "Make Believe".

    Check it out, I think you can guess why....

    MS: The video for your latest song "Make Believe" is so original what inspired you to turn your naked body into a fantasy world?
     TG: You know, I have no idea. The day I got back from my Spring tour I was exhausted. I had been on the road for 13 weeks straight and I was looking forward to not working like a maniac, just spending time at home with my husband. I laid down in my own bed for the first time in months and all the sudden this idea of manipulating time and imagery on my body with paint popped up. Well, now I couldn't sleep, all I could do was think about how cool it would be to pull off. A couple weeks later I got a hold of Scott Brooks to see if he would be into working together. I've been an admirer of his work for years and I was pretty nervous and intimidated to be honest, his work is so amazing. Luckily he was into the idea and we started talking logistics. The more we talked, the more complicated (and fun) it became. Eventually it became what you see today.

    MS: How does this relate to the actual song for you personally?

    TG: It relates a lot actually. I wrote this song thinking about how I would approach love if I wasn't me. If I was someone with no inhibitions, no insecurities. Someone who could see what they wanted and go after it. Triangle (the pursuer in the video) is pretty much like that. As soon as triangle sees circle (the pursued) appear on the island, he (or she or it) knows there is love in the air and goes after it.
    MS: Who came up with the visual concepts of the body paint and the creatures etc..?
    TG: Scott Brooks and I did together. My initial idea was in black and white and had the animation painted on me. However, it became quickly obvious that that was impossible. We brainstormed a lot of ideas, that we thought might actually be possible, and then tested them out. Usually the ideas didn't work, hahahaha. There were a lot of tricky logistics to consider. Eventually we found a story & paint scheme that worked as well and characters we could introduce that would appear to be animated. We simplified our techniques a lot, let time work for us. There are no special effects or edits in the video, so you see every second that took place during the 80 minute shoot (watch the clock). It's pretty amazing actually. I still can't believe it works.

    MS: Your fans are loving the view I bet! What kind of feedback have you gotten from them?
    TG: Feedback has been through the roof. The amount of likes in relation to the amount of views is fairly astounding. Of course there's plenty of clock jokes too, hahahaha. More than anything, I'm glad that folks are having fun with it. That's kind of the point.
    MS: My prediction "Make Believe" is going to get you a lot of attention....

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