Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy 2013....!

Me & Pamela Sue Martin
OK I may be a tad late wishing everyone a Happy 2013 - but the Holiday Season was extremely busy for me not to mention I was without a computer for an entire week which is pretty much a major deal for those of us who write.

So here I am communicating on my new lap top and finally catching up on work, that's right for some reason and I never do this, I actually enjoyed the Holiday Season instead of stressing about things like I do with precision every year they roll around.

I spent the weekend in Palm Springs with friends at their house I had four separate Birthday celebrations with various friends not to mention the usual life things that one has to take care of. Of note I also attended the 40th anniversary screening of "The Poseidon Adventure" at The Egyptian in Hollywood, CA - the theatre that it actually premiered at some 40 years ago. I got to say "Hello" to past interview subject and Poseidon star, Pamela Sue Martin (pictured with me above).

Keep your eyes peeled she will be an upcoming interview on "Entertain Me" soon.....

Enough of my prattle, time to move onward into 2013, and what better way to kick my first posting of the New Year off than with some Pentatonix and the video for their latest song: "Save The World/Don't You Worry Child".

2013 is underway let's get crackin'!

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