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Daughter Of Chucky: Fiona Dourif

Fiona Dourif
Hey all of you Chucky Fans no doubt you've heard about the latest and one of the best films in the series "Curse of Chucky".

Of course it is not lost on you guys that the female lead bears the same last name as the voice of "Chucky" Brad Dourif.

Yes, we have the actual "Daughter of Chucky" here for an exclusive Halloween interview - Fiona Dourif!

Fiona actually carries more horror cred than being the female lead in the current "Chucky" movie as well as being his daughter, she has also appeared as "Casey" one of the Witches in Marnie's Coven on "True Blood" and was in Paul Thomas Anderson's Scientology based story "The Master".

You are all in for a treat, hit it Fiona....Happy Halloween!

MS: Hi Fiona. Wow! It's four o'clock straight up!

FD: I am punctual! (laughs)

MS: I like that! Your father used to come into a video store I worked in when I first moved to Los Angeles, when I still was a little on the "star struck" side and I used to get so excited that "Chucky" was in the house.

FD: Oh God! How funny!

MS: I'm surprised this entry into the "Chucky" series went straight to video with all of the great reviews it has gotten.

FD: We weren't really sure it was going to take that direction at first.

MS: The word is it's more scary, than funny like the earlier entries.

FD: Yeah, that was the mission a return to horror.

MS: I've seen you in other things you have done, you are really good,  did they decide to cast you as the lead because of the "Chucky Connection"?

FD: You know I have no idea. I can tell you what Don Mancini (the writer/director) told me. I went up for the role of the bitchy sister, then I got a call three days later, saying I wasn't right for it, but Don thought I might be right for the lead, prepare that. I went in and I met Don, and you know, I didn't think it went that well to be honest. Then I got called back and the studio wanted to make sure I was soft and likable enough. My manager had me go back in with big eyelashes and a flower dress - and then I got it, I was really surprised. Don told me later that they had conflicting theories about me being "Chucky's Kid" they thought it might be confusing, but he thought it might be confusing in a surprising way, it's really an open ended question. I don't think the story in the movie says I'm his kid at all.

MS: Are you a horror fan yourself?

FD: Well, I wasn't one forever and when I was cast in this my boyfriend at the time was a horror writer and told me "You need to figure out what you are doing." So, I went back and watched a lot of the old stuff and have become a fan of the genre. A great horror film is the best, most primal stuff you can watch.

MS: The original "Halloween" is the first horror film my Dad took me to and it scared the shit out of me.

FD: Yeah, totally! My feeling is good writing is good writing, Don is a good writer.

Fiona at the Season 4 "True Blood" Premiere
MS: He is. Let's talk about another horror credit you have you played "Casey" a Witch in Marnie's coven on season four of...

FD: From "True Blood", yeah (laughs) that was really fun! Wait, I'm sorry I'm actually at a restaurant with the "Chucky" doll, because I am taking him to a friend's bar for the next couple of days. What happened while I was talking was the waiter just came up and tried to hit "Chucky" in the back. (laughs) It's probably the most expensive thing I own and I'm like "No"!

MS: Jeeze doesn't he know he's not real? (laughs) You were in "The Master" which was controversial as it is based around the beliefs of Scientology.

FD: Paul Thomas Anderson is one of my favorite Directors. I think "Magnolia" is one of the great American Masterpieces. I shot a lot of things most of it got cut out, I ended basically not being in the movie, that happened to so many people that were in that movie. The final cut is pretty much like a skeleton of what the original movie was. It 's OK, I got upset, but I got over it.

MS: What's your take on Scientology?

FD: I am secular, but I have a respect for organized religion. Do whatever you want Scientologists, I don't really think it's a cult, just like I don't think being Mormon is a cult, it's people making beliefs and rituals in their lives. To each his own. I was actually audited by them to prepare for the role, and that was kind of interesting and they never stopped calling me after which was kind of annoying.

MS: Tell everyone, what are you going to be for Halloween?

FD: I still haven't figured it out. God, I don't know yet, maybe I will be a houseplant! (laughs)

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