Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! Time For Turkey "Cleopatra"

I am "Cleopatra" Not Miss Cleo!

Yes it is that day of every year we are thankful, for family, friends, health and turkey!

So in honor of Turkey Day I present you, one of Hollywood's biggest Turkey's of all time - "Cleopatra" starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

Yes I have seen it, and I needed major amounts of caffeine to stay awake. Was it worth it? Yes and No...The content was absolutely boring as Hell. But despite it being one of her worst performances ever Taylor was riveting and add to the fact that she was having a then scandalous extramarital affair with Burton added a whole extra dimension to it.

Taylor was an amazing actress whether she gave a great performance or not - Hey "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" and "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" co-starring the late great Paul Newman, are two of my favorite films of all time, and she was great in both them. However in this production her affair with Burton was the draw...
                                                           The Trailer For "Cleopatra"

Universe bless Ms. Taylor she had the extra balls to back herself as well - no actress had been paid one million dollars at the time, she did not want to do the film so she asked for it. Well, they paid it, and she did it because her thought was: If they were stupid enough to pay it to her, then she would do it.

Her legacy of being a humanitarian and a no BS woman will always be remembered, so this Thanksgiving Day I tip my hat to Elizabeth, and hope everyone finds what they need from the world and grab it by it's tail - whip it like Elizabeth, and gobble, gobble!

Check out Elizabeth's favorite charity AMFAR:

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