Thursday, February 20, 2014

Grace Valerie Lays It Down! "Not For Love"

I've known the lovely and talented Ms. Grace Valerie since June 2011, when I first interviewed her for Chorus and Verse about her then hot single "When The Lights Go Down." Wow time flies!

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She Tweeted me the other day with the video for her latest song "Not For Love" for those of you who are not familiar with her, you are going to love it! For those of you who are already fans, prepare yourself for a whole new side of Grace Valerie and this time it's personal. Grace stopped by "Entertain Me" for a quick chat about her latest, and some laughs, and here is what went down...

MS: Hey Grace, how are you?

GV: Hi Michael, it's so good to hear you.

MS: It's been a while.

GV: Right?

MS: It was so great that you Tweeted me the video for "Not For Love" out of all the songs you have done, this is my favorite, it has an edge to it!

GV: Exactly! I love all my songs, but this is my favorite too!

MS: This song works because it is who you are.

GV: Yes, I have found who I am, as an artist I am growing.

MS: Are you still with Randy Jackson's label?

GV: I had a record deal with Randy and we did all of the songs we were supposed to do. This song was done by another producer, his name is Busbee, who has worked with Pink, Hunter Hayes and is producing Shakira's  new album right now. I've changed my music direction a little bit because I want to experiment and create different styles of music. To stay relevant you have to be open to new things.

"Amazing Grace!" 

MS: Absolutely! I loved the video by the way. (laughs) I didn't see that ending coming! (laughs)

GV: (laughs) That was the point. When we did that video we really thought about the story, we wanted people to watch it as a mini-movie. The ending was meant to shock people, no one would ever thought that the ending would be what it is. It makes me happy that you were surprised by it. (laughs) It was really fun creating the whole video.

MS: You shot this in Nashville, what was it like creating in the music capital of the world?

GV: It was exciting! I love the city so much! My first time there was performing last April, I met a lot of people there, including Michael Stryker the director of the "Not For Love" video. So, when I went back to Los Angeles I was really excited to work with the people I had met in Nashville. When we decided to film "Not For Love" my first idea was to go to Nashville and work with Michael and his team. It was a pleasure to work there, it was so much fun!

MS: A friend of mine went to work in Nashville for the first time a few years ago and she loved it!

GV: It's so great, the city is so soulful!

MS: Can you tell everyone any other fun things you have coming up in 2014?

GV: There are a lot of surprises including another track and another video. There will also be a tour that my team is setting up, also a press tour and radio tour. In fact this Monday I'm going to be on "Dirty Pop Live" the radio show Lance Bass has on Sirus Radio XM. I'm very excited about that and I will be doing an interview with him and singing live on the show. This is a little surprise for everyone because the only song I know I will be singing for sure is "Not For Love" you will have to tune in to hear what other songs I am going to sing. (laughs)

MS: (laughs) Well Ms. Valerie I think this song is going to do a lot for you, I see big things coming!

GV: Thank You Michael, I appreciate your support!

Pssssst, find out the twist ending and watch "Not For Love" here:

Keep up with "Amazing Grace" here:

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