Sunday, May 11, 2014

Need Anyone Ask Why Kim & Kanye Continually Get Snubbed?!

Kanye & Kim - Enough Said
Kim Kardashian was snubbed by President Obama  last week at Steven Spielberg’s 
Ambassador for Humanity gala. Although the President did mingle with a number of high profile guests, according to Radar Online, when Kim reached out for an introduction, she was rebuffed. 

OK Obama I'm with you on this decision, although Kim supported the President’s re-election, she was not allowed to do anything in a political capacity. Kim’s support is not something serious candidates want, let's all fain shock and surprise. The President has already labeled Kanye West as  “jackass” twice, so maybe this should not be a surprise.

The best surprise is no two need to find a hole to hide in the bomb is coming. 

This Weeks Word: Snubbed - and rightfully so. Happy Mothers Day.& no website recommend at this time.

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