Sunday, July 27, 2014

Miley Cyrus Weekend Wrap Up

Pharrell: No Twerking Allowed Miley
For those of you who follow her, Miley Cyrus never slows down and continues to make entertainment news week after week.

This week I pulled out my two favorite Miley tidbits - since yeah I am a fan...

Let's start with the coolest bit first and then give the runner-up it's due. The coolest? Her video for the song she collaborated on with Happy hit maker Pharrell Williams Come Get It Bae a fun, tasteful video and song that really does make you want to get up and dance!

So glad she toned it down, her talent as a vocalist and performer really come on strong in this.

Yay! Pharrell Williams, for utilizing her abilities quite astutely.

Miley & Floyd: Puppy Love
On a lovely note she also hired a psychic to contact her beloved dog who died Floyd. This item is from the heart and really shows you what a sweet young woman Ms. Cyrus truly is....

Hey Miley, I hope you make contact with Floyd, I honestly mean it.

                                                                    Come Get It Bae

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