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Traci Lords Is A Punk Rocker

Look! It's Traci Lords
Hey readers guess who stopped by recently? That's correct peeps, friend and favorite on "Entertain Me" Ms. Traci Lords is in the house!

The Ramones fan stopped by to discuss her latest project The Ramones Go To Heaven on FOD, that's Funny or Die for the uninitiated. There are also several other things that she is up to, or that crossed her mind during the course of our one on one that just might surprise you, or perhaps not.

When the two of us get together it's anything but boring...

Shall we get this party started with a big Gabba, Gabba, Hey?! Yep, I thought so, here she is the girl with the most cake, Traci Lords!

TL: Oh my God Honey, I'm sorry I was late.

MS: That's OK sometimes people space out, I know I do. (laughs)

TL: Yeah, I don't know if it's old age, distraction, or what it is (laughs)

MS: So what have you been up to besides your recent video on Funny or Die

TL: What have I been up to besides the video? I am in the process of writing my next book. 

MS: Dish. What's it called? What's it going to be about?

TL: Um, I don't have a title yet. I'm not going to tell you anything about it, it will be a surprise. (laughs) I want to keep it under my hat for a moment.

MS: Well that's most likely one of the reasons you are distracted. When you write, time does not exist.

TL: You can appreciate that. Once you sit in that chair, I don't think a lot of people really understand that writing is really a physical act. You have to put your ass in the chair and write.

MS: And you let your brain flow, doesn't it surprise you what pops out on the written page?

TL: Oh yeah, and sometime it surprises me the way I feel about things. I mean, I know that I feel that way about them, but then I read back what I've written and I'm like, wow, that's kind of intense. 
The Ramones Go To Heaven

MS: So my dear how did The Ramones Go To Heaven video for Funny or Die with Dave Foley come about?

TL: Actually it came directly from Funny or Die - and I wondered, because I had Tweeted about Tommy Ramones death a little bit, when I heard that he had passed away it was a moment like: Wow! they are all gone. There was that time I thought it was so strange that they are all not on this earth. It made me think about life. That as you carry on with it, if you are lucky enough to, that you see people go before you, people that you know. I don't know if you have ever lost somebody that you are close to, somebody that you know? It makes you think about your own mortality. 

MS: Oh Yes.

TL: Maybe it's why it's that uh, huh moment. It made me think of the Limelight and how The Ramones were always there. More than anything I think it marked a certain time in my life, and that was a really fun time, but life goes on and things change and now it's completely different. I don't long for the past, but I love the memories. 

MS: I get it, I don't long for my past either, trust me not in a million years, but you do have those memories that are always going to be good. The Ramones were a good memory for a lot of people.

TL: Did you know I sang back-up on their song Somebody To Love

MS: No I didn't, was that the cover of the Jefferson Airplane song? 

TL: Yes, that's the one!

MS: What was your first exposure to The Ramones

TL: My first exposure to them was probably, oh, the late 70's.  

MS: Was it  Rock N Roll High School ?

TL: It was Rock N Roll High School - I had never heard anything like it before and I was like: What is that?! We have this whole history together, Gary Kurfirst who was their first manager and is no longer on this planet signed me to do my first album 1,000 Fires, I was influenced by the artists he represented like The Ramones &  Debbie Harry and then to go into this world of dance music...
My Name Is Traci, I'll Be Your Mistress Tonight

MS: Your dance music was always edgy it was not typical.

TL: And I can hear it in my first single from the album, Control it was a heavy metal riff that inspired that song. It wasn't fluffy or bubblegum at all.

MS: That's why I gravitated toward your dance album, I like my music edgy.

TL: Oh thank you honey.

MS: By the way, I  think your work in the film Excision was as good as anything I have ever seen nominated for an Oscar.

TL: I appreciate that. I have to tell you I am very proud of that film. In my opinion that is some of the best work I have ever done. That and my stuff on the Profiler was really good. It's such a shame that the stuff that I have done that is really good, nobody's seen. (laughs)

MS: Although I told you this a while ago I was rehearsing a play at the time, I came home and turned on the TV and Profiler was airing. I saw this great actress in a guest starring role and I could not place her, yet she was familiar, you did have a black wig on, then it registered it was you!

TL: You were like, ah ha! (laughs)

MS: Name your favorite Ramones song.

TL: I don't know if I have a favorite.

MS: That's fair.

TL: Although I don't know that I have a favorite Ramones song, but the theme song I had for my time in the 1980's was I Wanna Be Sedated.

MS: I'm partial to Sheena is a Punk Rocker.

TL: I love that one too. I mean who didn't want to be Sheena?!

MS: I know I did! (laughs)

TL: I did too! (laughs) I would have fought you for it! (laughs)
Cry-Baby/Johnny Ramone Tribute Screening
L-R: Joe Dallesandro, Traci Lords, John Waters, Johnny Depp, Ricki Lake
MS: Let me throw a quote at you that I would like some clarity on, when the Cry - Baby reunion/Johnny Ramone Tribute screening came up at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery this quote was attributed to you about the incarcerated actress Amy Locane who was in the film: "Amy Locane, the female lead, was 17 -- she wanted to get out of high school. Now she's in prison." This seems out of character for you, was it taken out of context?

TL: You know it's funny. The way it came across in print I was not happy with,  I truly wasn't trying to be insulting to Amy Locane - what happened with her could have happened with anybody. Thank God that has not been my journey in life. I think where the quote came from is I said everyone on the set was trying to escape from something. She was only seventeen when she did that movie and she did a fantastic job! I was not trying to disrespect her.

MS: I didn't think you were, but I wanted to give you the chance to clarify your intentions for those who might have. 

TL: Oh good, when I read it it made me cringe because I though it made me come off a little bitchy. 

MS: Well since you had a certain stigma attached to you at the time...

TL: Yeah, there is that stigma, I can't believe how much I have pulled off! Hollywood has been an amazing playground for me, I've gotten to do some amazing things. I am amazed and grateful for every opportunity I have had. Wow! What a ride! I'm just now moving into the next phase of my career and my life.  I'm moving into producing & directing. I will have the opportunity to act or not act in my projects, to make music for them or not, it's a whole new world for me and I am excited about being a female filmmaker! The possibilities are absolutely endless, I am happy about that.

MS: So shall we call it Traci, what number are we at? 3.0 I am guessing?

TL: (laughs) I think that's where I am, it might be more.

MS: What is the greatest role you have ever played?

TL: It's not one that's been filmed. I have this amazing child, my favorite role is being a Mom. It's the most juicy, satisfying character I have ever played! 

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