Thursday, September 4, 2014

Project Runway: Shark Eater Out!

It's Mistress Heidi!!!
It's Thursday, and time for another Project Runway!

Last week we saw the elimination of Charketa Glover aka Shark Eater Glover - Which brings me to the reason I love watching PR...It's hilarious! 

Heidi Klum is awesome, she is a dominatrix with Elmer Fudd's voice, and every time she uttered Charketa's name even though she was pronouncing it correctly her lovely accent always butchers someone's name or other words that come out of her mouth. Thus Charketa will always be Shark Eater to me, because honestly that is what it sounded like Heidi was saying. C'mon you know you all thought it too!

I love it when her accent mangles something she says, it makes for a great laugh. While were at it let's address some Heidi-isms that bowl me over too, for instance when she says "You're Out" - even though I know it won't happen the delivery is so stern I keep waiting for her to break out her riding crop and give the losing contestant a good smack on the ass.

Also you gotta enjoy when she says "The color is sad" - I admit that particular one I have replayed a few times, it's always good for comedic effect.

Then there is Tim Gunn the designers mentor. His droll criticism is hilarious and when he does the "Vagina Hands" your know when he touches his finger tips together while looking thoughtful into the "V" shape, yeah you know the "Vagina Hands?"

Well I am betting a lot of you call them that like me, why you may ask? Talent Manager Marki Costello had a reality show on E! called The Drama Queen while she was coaching an actor she yelled out Don't do the "Vagina Hands" like Tim Gunn at them. Suddenly I felt completely validated that I was not the only one whose mind went there, so if someone else thinks and states it other than myself that means there are more of you out there, it's OK now know you are not alone.

A special shout to Nina Garcia who is a class act bitch on the show, her criticism is honest and cuts like a knife, but she still comes off with an air of elegance while stabbing you on national TV.

Oh that reminds me every time Heidi let's Nina's name roll off her tongue it sounds like there is going to be a bitch slapping that never materializes...Honestly who cares who wins, the show is flat out funny!

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