Sunday, September 28, 2014

Streisand Sunday

Color Me Barbara, I'll Be Your Mistress Tonight

While I do enjoy Barbara Streisand in her many endeavors and career makeovers let me state I am not cuckoo for her like most men who, well love other men.

To be honest I am not bonkers over any gifted performer anymore, I merely admire the talent and think how cool it is that the person has it.

However here is a side of Barbara S we haven't seen in years and is quite fun, not to mention, shall we say sexual.

Leather Makes The World Go Round
Streisand, as I always at some point thought she should have simply gone by this moniker a long time ago, like Cher, Madonna or Kesha. Does have a playful, not to mention naughty side. One that might even make you want to call her Mistress.

The ubiquitous one did a film a spell ago titled, The Owl and The Pussycat with George Segal & the synopsis goes like this:

Can a bickering odd couple in Manhattan become friends and maybe more? Owlish Felix is an unpublished writer who vents his frustration by reporting to the super that the woman in a neighboring flat takes the occasional payment for sex. She's Doris, more wildcat than pussycat, and when Felix's peeping-tom-tattle-tale routine gets her bounced from her apartment, she knocks at his door at 3 AM, aggressive and ticked off. They yell, lose another apartment, and pick up where they left off in a friend's flat and beyond. Dancing by the light of the moon seems unlikely for this owl and pussycat. 

Hey Cher, I'll Show You A Tramp, Without The Gypsies & Thieves
Oh my! Payments for sex whatever will they come up with next?!

In honor of her decades long career, chutzpah and recent number one charting album Partners I hereby declare today Streisand Sunday and bequeath you with these rare photos of Mistress Barbara, grab a Mimosa at brunch and toast. Cheers! 

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