Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Indigo Girls Out! June 2nd

New Album from the Indigo Girls
Available Now For Pre-Order

Behind the Scenes Look at the First Single
“Happy In the Sorrow Key”

Alright Indigo Girls fans I know you're out there, the dynamic duo's first album in four years is dropping on June 2nd, but you can pre-order it now, that's correct, buy it and buy it now!!!

ONE LOST DAY, the highly anticipated new album from the Indigo Girls, is now available for 

from iTunes and Amazon. Releasing everywhere on June 2nd, ONE LOST DAYis the first studio album from the iconic duo in four years.

Last week the Wall Street Journal premiered the album’s first single, “Happy in the Sorrow Key.” Written by Amy Ray, “Happy in the Sorrow Key” was a track Ray previously started writing and revisited after the loss of her father. It’s not about death, but it’s about impermanence, Ray explains. “Its kind of the opposite of ignorance is bliss, and me saying I’m happier when I know the facts, and when I know the pain, and I know all the sorrow in life and am faced with things.”

Watch the behind the scenes making of “Happy in the Sorrow Key”

The Indigo Girls will be hitting the road following the release of ONE LOST DAY. Visit for updates. 

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