Sunday, July 24, 2016

Janet Leigh/Rihanna/Marion Crane

 Twist Of Fate
Janet Leigh & Rihanna
Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho is one of my all time favorite films! Thus when A&E's Bates Motel was announced I was very interested, duh!

The first season, while not bad, was trying to find a foothold, an identity of it's own. That was found in the following three seasons. Since most people know how it all ends, I am guessing when Norma Bates, portrayed by Vera Farmiga, was killed off by Norman Bates, Freddie Highmore at the end of season four, that the series had a five year plan to begin with.

Oh yes the upcoming season of Bates Motel is it's 5th and final. No worries here, five years makes it a money monster in syndication. Yeah, like I stated previously a "five year plan."

So how does one take an iconic film and make the prequel series unique, yet strangely familiar. Well expand on the character of Marion Crane who was offed in the first quarter of the source material. 

Also you may want to do a casting get that is so out of left field no one saw it coming. Janet Leigh, who is Jamie Lee Curtis's Mom is the one and only original MC. So let's go as contemporary as one can get and still have some intrigue...drum roll please, Rihanna has been cast as Marion.

Personally I love this idea!!! Hey maybe instead of being brutally murdered in the shower this time around Marion will be stabbed multiple times under her Umbrella

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