Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Star Trek Realness

We Go Together Like...
Chris Pine & John Cho
As the world at large knows this past weekend Comi-Con in San Diego, CA happened. It's the biggest event of it's type that brings fans and stars together and melds them into one big...I was going to say "happy family" but having been I'm going to go with cluster fuck.

On hand to promote Star Trek Beyond were Captain James T. Kirk and Sulu aka the actors known as Chris Pine and John Cho who served up some fanboy realness by attending the Starz party together.

Since the latest Trek movie was number one at the box office this past weekend (how surprising, not!) I bring you an image of the two U.S.S. Enterprise crew members to commemorate Comi-Con 2016.

Enjoy my generosity and have a Trekkie Tuesday

Star Trek Beyond on IMDB:

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