Monday, October 31, 2016

The Horror: John Carpenter's Halloween

Happy Halloween Peeps! Hope all of you have something groovy planned to celebrate the coolest day of the year! 

I personally love Halloween and am a huge horror movie fan, and those of you who know me, or have been paying attention, you know my favorite horror film of all time is John Carpenter's Halloween.

When it came out I was too young to attend an R-rated film by myself, so my Dad took me and some friends. It the first of many horror flicks I would go on to see in a theater. 

Can I tell you? This is the only movie of it's type that truly got under my skin and scared the shit outta me! We lived in the suburbs at the time and were surrounded by lots of trees and land and when my parents were gone and I was home alone I used to psyche myself out and see Michael Myer's ghoulish white William Shatner ass mask looming for me in the dark. Yeah, I had a really vivid imagination, still do actually. 

So how else did you think I was going to celebrate this most holy of days here on Entertain Me? With a montage of images from the film that freaked me out the most, naturally. To this day even though I am less afraid while watching Halloween, there is still something about it that really unnerves me. Beware of the Boogeyman tonight!!!
Peek-A-Boo, I See You
Watch Out Jamie Lee!!!
Don't Tell Mom, The Babysitters Dead

Dressed To Kill
Michael Myers

Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

John Carpenter's Halloween on IMDB   

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