Monday, December 11, 2017

I, Tonya

When Tonya Met Margot
Tonya Harding & Margot Robbie
One of the more buzzed about films of award season is I, Tonya based on disgraced figure skater and Nancy Kerrigan leg bashing accomplice Tonya Harding. Word is Margot Robbie gives a spot on performance as Harding and filmmakers have gone with a darkly comic approach to the true life source material.

This being stated, I was completely caught off guard when I saw this photo of the real Tonya Harding at the Los Angeles premiere of  I, Tonya with, well Margot Robbie who portrays her. 

Why you may ask? Well for starters while the movie does not paint Harding as an outright villain, it does not exactly make her completely sympathetic either. Seriously I am not so sure I would support something that came from such a dark time in my life. I know it has been twenty-three years since the incident, but still...get my point??? Of course you do!

I guess all I can say is cheers to Tonya for being a good sport. It's Monday let's get this party started!

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