Tuesday, January 3, 2012

TV Watch: Pretty Little Liars

2012 is off to a fantastic start, amongst other things, my favorite guilty pleasure has started it’s latest run.

The girls of Rosewood are back and here to deceive you in a whole new season of “Pretty Little Liars“.

Of course they are not the only fibbers in town, which of course has as much deceit and betrayal as the late great Aaron Spelling’s “Melrose Place”.

For the uninitiated let’s give the briefest of re-caps….

Once upon a time there was a girl name Allison, Ally for short, she was the baddest b!tch in the whole damned town! She ruled over her kingdom of friends, Spencer, Aria, Emily & Hanna (the PLL’s)

Until one day, Ally disappeared and was found dead (?) (that’s the official statement, but we “Liars” fans know A) her death is up for debate and B) you really can’t keep a good b!tch down)….and boy was Ally, the cat a major one!

The quintet of Emily, Aria, Spencer and Hanna are now relentlessly pursued by the mysterious “A” who knows all of their secrets and is controlling their every move, much like uber b!tch Allison did when she was alive….Hmmmmmmmmmmmm….

With the wheels now set in motion, the games have begun. There are way too many twists and turns to get down with in a full piece, but suffice it to say this is some of the most fun I have watching TV each week, thanks ABC Family Network!

And thanks to the “Pretty” & talented four leads Troian Bellisario (Spencer), Ashley Benson (Hanna), Lucy Hale (Aria) and Shay Mitchell (Emily). You root for these “Liars” and want them to not be kept down by the insidious forces that are trying to destroy their lives….You Go Girls!

This season finds the “Liars” doing community service in un-flattering orange jumpsuits for a crime they did not commit (thanks a lot “A”). When Spencer and Emily get into a WWW smackdown, drag out fight.

For us older fans doesn’t this sounds like another wink and nod to the Spelling tradition? If not check out the original “Charlie’s Angels” TV show and find an episode titled “Angels In Chains”.

It’s starting off to be an amazing year and I am loving the return of my beloved “Liars”!

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