Thursday, September 22, 2011

TV Watch: "Charlie's Angels"

Now that my very favorite show on TV, "True Blood" has come to an end for another year (yes, waiting does suck!) what is a pseudo TV fan to do...?

Well here is a show that I grew up with, "Charlie's Angels." It is no secret that it is getting a re-boot as a TV series (for the sophomore time).

After two great, tongue in cheek movies starring two of my favorites,  Drew Barrymore (Executive Producer of the films and the TV show) & one of the best comedic actresses around Cameron Diaz, I have, I don't want to say high hopes, but expectations to be entertained with a new twist (like the movies) on an old, but loved series.

I remember as a kid watching the Angels jiggle their way through many adventures, my favorite Angel of all time was of course Farrah Fawcett. Her hair was almost like a supporting character in the series, it was pure camp heaven!

Who knows what to expect from the 3rd incarnation of this classic, that being stated I will be watching tonight to see how it plays about you?

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