Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Checking In With: Jazz Chanteuse, Sandy Zacky

Sandy Zacky, her natural gift of song caught the attention of jazz man Sam Cooke, he ended up mentoring the chanteuse in the beginning of her long and varied career.

It has been 3 years since the veteran jazz performer has graced her loyal fan base with a Los Angeles club performance or a new album.

After her first disc, a collaboration with her singing partner Mike Clifford titled: “Love Is Everything” was released Ms. Zacky decided to break out with her first solo effort, the popular CD “One Olive Or Two.”

So Sandy what gives? Enquiring minds want to know what you have been up to of late? Let’s find out, shall we….

MS: Hey Sandy with a “Y” not “E” where have you been?

SZ: Hey Michael, I’ve been really busy! How are you?

MS: Good Ms. Z, we have not heard much from you of late other than your communications via your MySpace & Facebook page.

SZ: Those pages are great, I notice the profile hits, I love that people are curious and go to see who and what I am about.

MS: We the people want more music from you !

SZ: I really love singing! I was watching the “The X-Factor” the other night, no one on that show was overwhelming, there were a few really good young girl singers, there were a couple of good singers in their 40’s and a few good guy ones. But there was no one that really blew me away like, Adam Lambert, a singer of that nature. It’s a good show for exposure, but bottom line it is not about picking the best or someone older, it is a youth oriented show and business.

MS: You are doing quite well on the Reverbnation Los Angeles, Jazz Charts, your rank is 417 out of what, something like 800 plus artist, so much for ageism in the jazz world!

SZ: Considering I haven’t been doing anything of late, I am surprised. Right now I am trying to work my way out of this inertia so to speak. Music is what really brings me alive - I adore my family, you know I do, but music does something for me that nothing else can do. Music is about me, only I can produce what comes out of me. It’s a God given talent that I am very grateful for and it is no one else’s responsibility but mine.

MS: Get out there Sandy and let it loose girl !

SZ: Singing is what lights a fire in my belly and I feel if I don’t get out there again soon I am going to lose it.

MS: There is a lot of love & support out there for you.

SZ: Yes, I am grateful for everyone out there who keeps asking me when am I performing again, when am I putting out a new CD - I want to, but something has been holding me back these past 3 years, I have had plenty of opportunities and I need to start taking them. I want to get out there but I have this fear of not being as good as I was before.

MS: Don’t be afraid, that’s silly with a talent like yours.

SZ: Yeah, I know, I just sat here and sang acapella and I sounded pretty good.

MS: I’m sure it was better than that!

SZ: Thank you sweetie.

MS: You’ve covered a lot of cool songs, which song haven’t you covered that you would like to?

SZ: Wow! Yes, I covered a lot of great songs, but I would like to try covering a couple of Adele songs. Several people have told me I should cover her, she is terrific and I would like to get more contemporary.

MS: She has such a great voice.

SZ: I adore her, I have both her CD’s, what an amazing singer.

MS: Well Sandy with a “Y” it’s time, you are ready to get out there and wow us some more with your God given talent!

SZ: You have my word, I am planning on it!

Check in with Sandy often, because she is busy! At:

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  1. Great interview! Let it loose, girl! <---ditto that.