Monday, January 23, 2012

Popstar - Author: Sir Jet

Sir JET aka Joel Evan Tye is a popstar like no other. With his super-hero body and love for skin tight costumes and anime.

JET's childhood struggle with gender anxiety that lead him to become an agoraphobic mute for almost a decade to only rediscover his voice again at age 20 and become the man you see today.

His mission in life is to help people who struggle with their identity and to encourage them to find their true selves by going within like he did.

The result is the book: "I'm Enough: How to Live Life Like a Popstar and Find Your True Self in the Process"...let’s check in with the man himself, Sir Jet..!

MS: Hey Sir Jet, was looking over your book today, there’s a lot of stuff in there that is really helpful. What made you decide to add author to your resume’?

SJ: Several months ago, I thought: what can I do at this point? Do I keep making music? Do I work harder on my acting? I started noticing on the Internet there were a lot more reports on teenage suicide, and you see all these reports about these politicians trying to kill gay people…and I’m thinking “This is a fu@ked up world.”

MS: In certain ways it is.

SJ: Then I started thinking of a way to help people, I thought what if I write book about what I’ve done for myself? Thinking that if I share it, that maybe I could help a few people, I’m not sure how many, but there are people who are sitting in the corner wondering why their life is so horrible.

MS: Right.

SJ: Because that is the place where I came from as a teenager, I had all the tell tale signs of someone who would do something bad to themselves. But, what stopped me was the idea that I’m going to get out of this place.

MS: With all the bullying going on right now it’s scarier than ever to be a teenager. Did you hear about Jamey Rodemeyer, the teen who did a “It Gets Better” video then killed himself?

SJ: In terms of the “It Gets Better” campaign, I think it is a wonderful idea to tell people it gets better, the next step is to show them how. That is why I wrote the book. People need instruction, they just can’t be told when you stop being a teenager it gets better. Let’s start helping them now, let’s show them how to shift their perception of the world.

MS: Something surprising to me, that I had no idea about when we first met, is that you had gender confusion, expand on that.

SJ: OK, most of my life I really liked female things…girl clothes & toys. For the most part I was told “You can’t have that” and I said “Why not”? The answer was “Because you’re boy” - I thought “Then I don’t want to be a boy” they told me “You don’t get a choice”.

MS: Oh, Wow!

SJ: From that point on I always thought “Isn’t there something in between”. The story of my life has been to find what is that thing “in between” ? I knew I was someone who did not want a sex change, I don’t mean that is a bad thing in any way, it just wasn’t right for me.

MS: I totally get it.

SJ: Finally I realized I can be a boy, I can wear those things that are generally made for women and it’s not shameful. That’s how the personae of Sir Jet came about, by playing dress up.

MS: Well I love your gender bending photos, very David Bowie.

SJ: Very. (laughs)

MS: You talk about creating your appearance, let’s talk about your body, what motivated you to want to look the way you do?

SJ: For me, I love superheroes, and I’ve always had a fantasy about being with a superhero. One of the things you learn in this “law of attraction” world is, be the person you want to attract. So I made myself into my version of a superhero.

MS: So, what’s up with your music?

SJ: Right now I am working on a new song, I can’t say with who because I signed a confidentiality agreement, but….it’s somebody famous!

MS: Any parting thoughts about your book, and where can we get it?

SJ: When people read it, I hope they will learn how to be happy and enjoy life. Also it’s very inexpensive, it’s only $4.99 - $5.00 to change your life. Currently it is available as an E-book on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble and I’m also working on getting it into a print book.

MS:  Thanks Sir Jet!

Become a disciple and follow Sir Jet at:!/iamsirjet

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