Thursday, March 29, 2012

Checking In With: Traci Lords

Traci Lords is back! After taking some “Mommy Time“, the notorious TL hit the dance floors last year with her smash single “Last Drag”.

Well Traci has more things coming your way … we checked in with each other this week via phone.

Time to get your chat on with Traci Lords.

MS: How’s everything going with you?

TL: Everything is wild! I got off a plane last night around midnight, and now I am driving to Santa Monica, CA. I was in North Carolina at this insane Monster Mash convention. It was with all kinds of wild people, like Linda Blair…all of these horror people. Who would have thought that the fans in North Carolina would be some of the dirtiest MotherF#%kers on the planet!
(both laugh)

MS: That’s Hilarious!

TL: It’s the middle of the Bible Belt! I’m like wow! I told this last night to my husband and he’s like: “Well of course it‘s the Bible Belt”! (laughs) I saw some really interesting and shocking things…it was like “Oh my God, my eyes”!

MS: So, how your trip to Sundance with the horror movie you star in “Excision”?

TL: Absolutely amazing! All kinds of things happened, I swear I’m going to write a book one day, like “Tales From The Trenches” or something…about the stuff that happens behind the scenes when you are doing it all. Things like getting stuck in a blizzard and Me, my Manager & my Publicist having to dig our car out. I was wearing faux fur and I looked like a Russian Mobsters wife or something. (laughs) There was a blizzard and we couldn’t get our car up the hill, so we had to hike down the side of the mountain, it was seriously action packed! (laughs)

MS: La Femme‘s Nakita ! (laughs)…how was the screening of “Excision”?

TL: One of my favorite moments, and it has nothing to do with me. When John Waters comes on the screen and he doesn’t do anything, he just raises one eyebrow and the whole place went wild! He wasn’t there because he had a speaking engagement someplace else. I called him and I told him “People really miss you in independent films”. I told him about the reaction and the whole thing, he was really pleased. This was the little movie that shouldn’t have and I was really proud of what we all did.

MS: I heard that people walked out because they found it disgusting.

TL: That didn’t happen at the screening I was at, but it did happen at the press screening. A friend of mine in the press, a French Man, told me about 1/3 of the audience disappeared in the beginning because they could not handle the horror. What’s really horrifying to me about “Excision” is it could happen, the truth of the film is what’s really terrifying.

MS: The truth is a terrifying thing on many levels.

TL: Every time I see it, I’ve seen it now 4 or 5 times. Every time my eyes well up, it’s just that powerful.

MS: Spill about your gig this Friday, March 30th - The Miss Hooker Pageant at The Dragonfly in Hollywood, CA.

TL: It’s me Dave Navarro & Alexis Arquette judging. I love Lexi and I love Dave, who I haven’t seen in years, so it’s going to be a good time!

MS: The other option I had for tomorrow night was an art opening, I’m weird about those, it’s too much of a crap shoot.

TL: Yeah, it can be really painful.

MS: When this came up I said to a friend: “What does it say about me that I would rather go see “The Miss Hooker Pageant” than go to an art opening?

TL: I want to warn you I am driving through Santa Monica, CA right now and I might lose you.

MS: As I was saying… it says, I want to have a fun time!

TL: Yes, exactly! You know there is going to have to be latex and whips involved! With Lexi, Dave Navarro & Me, C’mon ! I know I am wearing my latex corset.

MS: I remember when they used to hold Club F#$k at The Dragonfly on occasion - I used to think they staged the sex stuff until one night I saw, to put I politely, a full figured woman in a tight bondage outfit being whipped, who was grunting like a pig, that guy was really hitting her hard! I was surprised they were doing that.

TL: I’m surprised she liked it.

MS: She must have or she would not have kept participating.

TL: Ya know Michael, I’m telling you human nature, the freakiness of people, it’s just so fascinating.

MS: I agree with you.

TL: Most of the time I’m like “Wow, did that just that happen”?

MS: We are so complex, aren’t we?

TL: Yes, here I am the token ex-porn star in the room and I am like the most normal, sane person in it. 20 years ago John Waters said to me: “One of the great things about your past, is you will never ever have to do another bad thing in your life, people will just assume you are a bad ass and you can just relax”. I didn’t understand it then, but now I totally get it.

MS: You took some "Mommy Time" for a bit which is so cool.

TL: I've come out of the "Mommy Cage" (laughs) my son is 4 1/2 now, oh honey he knows everything. the quote of the week, they were talking about this in preschool, they asked, what do your parents do for a living? He said" My Daddy walks in high places, My Mommy walks in high heels". My husband is an iron worker, that's the information he has been able to process, it's pretty extraordinary.

If you live in Los Angeles, CA check Traci out tomorrow night, she will be judging....The Miss Hooker Pageant at The Dragonfly.

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