Monday, May 7, 2012

TV Watch: It's A "Scandal"

The Beautiful & Talented: Kerry Washington 

Look out for The Pope! Olivia Pope that is (yeah, I could have meant Pope John Paul, what ever Roman numeral he is, but…NOT!)

Olivia is in charge and she solves problems better than you, yep, nobody does it better in the hot new ABC show “Scandal”.

One of my most favorite actresses and total grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl crush Kerry Washington is The Pope of all media….Kerry Washington, Kerry Washington, Kerry Washington.

Don’t mess with this woman she has ties to The White House and is having an affair with the President of the United States played excellently by Tony Goldwyn. Ooooooooooops! Did I give too much away?! Damn! I deserve a spanking…Olivia care to administer?

Not sure what else I should give away to you virgins, but suffice it to say, Shonda Rhimes, the machine behind “Grey’s Anatomy” is behind this, and this show rocks!

Oh, Shonda, while I respect your talent, please do not let this show “jump the shark” after two seasons like  you did “Grey’s” “Happy Day’s” ( the show that coined that phrase) waited a long time before that - Katherine Heigl was correct to leave when she did.

Also props to friend and past interview subject Guillermo Diaz as the mysterious “Huck”.

Hey Guillermo, let’s chat about your hot new role, call me.

Guillermo Diaz & Kerry Washington
Without saying too much in this writer’s opinion this is the best new show you may or may not be watching….

And let’s give credit where credit is due, thanks to friend, and former 60’s Teen Idol, Mike Clifford, who told me I have to watch this show, I am now addicted, Hey Mike….

Thanks for helping out!

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