Wednesday, May 23, 2012

TV Watch: "True Blood" It's In The Air

In a rural house off the coast of Southern California Sookie Stackhouse and her wanna be vampire companion Michael Shinafelt live in harmony.

Every night they are driven in a limo by a mysterious driver, that only Sookie has seen. Tonight she insists they go to a underground club on skid row, Michael is fascinated and frightened all at once, is this the night he becomes a vampire…?

“True Blood” has yet to premiere, but it’s definitely in the air with it’s June 10Th Season Five promotion happening in full force.

While the above scenario is so not from the show, it was an actual dream I had last night, No, I am not joking.

Growing up I always thought being a vampire would be such a cool thing. Living forever, never growing old and always being in the drivers seat.

OK, I am an adult now, but one can still dream… despite the “shark jumping” of Season Four - I am sure the people behind this amazing show realized the error of their ways (Yeah, Marnie effen sucked, and not in a Vampire way).

My hopes for this season? All bets will be off, it will find it’s center again and kick some major a$$!

Thank you , Alan Ball for giving an amazing voice to a childhood fantasy, the one I always imagined.

Waiting sucks, but is worth it! Looking forward to hanging with Sookie, Eric & Bill again.

Bad things are coming your way June 10th on HBO!

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  1. Looking forward to sinking my teeth into Sunday, June 10th on HBO!