Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Video: E.G. Daily "Wait"

It's time to roll out a video here at "Entertain Me" - "Wait" is an amazing video by friend and interview subject favorite E.G. Daily, who you may remember from such 80's classics as "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" "Valley Girl" & "Bad Dreams".

E.G. has been working on the "Me And a A Gun" project with music producer James Kaufman, for which I interviewed her for the first single and video, the lovely and moving "Somebody's Loving You" for at - here is the link:

While I loved that song, being a horror fan I loved this even more as the visual references gave a shout out to "The Nightmare Before Christmas" as Ms. Daily looks done up like "Sally" from said movie and Rob Zombie's classic "The Devil's Rejects" in which Ms. Daily starred as a hooker who gets shot square in the head and wants to do Princess Leia from "Star Wars" drag...check it out, this song and video rules, word!

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