Friday, October 12, 2012

The Horror: Liz Adams

Liz Adams: Filmmaker/Vampire

Filmmaker Liz Adams is an Award Winning Director/Writer for her controversial script for "Side Effect" which was selected to represent the American Film Institute in their prestigious Directing Workshop for Women, and is the first horror film to come out of the thirty-four year program.

She is also a hot genre director at the the film company "The Asylum" with two astute B-Movie disasters under her belt the well received "Air Collision" and "Super Cyclone".

Liz is a huge fan of Sci-Fi, Action and most importantly with her Top 5 Horror faves of all time is Ms. Liz Adams...!

MS: Alright Liz, hit us with your 5 favorite Horror Movies and why you like them. 

LA: OK, five favorite horror movies and why. You know, off the top of my head I’m going to have to go ‘old school’ – first film that comes to mind as a fave is:

Stanley Kubrick’s THE SHINING – I love the performances, I love the visuals, and the wonderful ambiguous cocktail of crazy and supernatural. The scene that I always wonder about is when the freezer opens to let out Jack… other than that one moment I think you could make a case for the whole thing being in his head.

MS: I love this one too, I saw it at The Hollywood Forever Cemetery one year on Halloween, for at least the tenth time.

LA: What a blast that must have been!

MS: It was!

LA: Next I think I have to go with John Carpenter’s THE THING – superb storytelling,  great performances – the ‘blood test’ scene had such a huge impact on me – I still enjoy seeing the practical effects in that movie…plus sci-fi and horror together, I love it. 

MS: This is one of the few times I think a remake has been better than the original.

LA: I agree.

LA: Time to go a little off the beaten path I’m going to go with George A. Romero’s MARTIN – I love this movie because it deals with my favorite horror subject – humanity’s own violent impulses – it is a pretty obscure film about a young kid Martin… his Eastern European granduncle speaks of a family ‘curse’ and treats Martin like he is a vampire and even though he has no fangs or supernatural abilities - he begins to act like one – breaking into homes, drugging women and drinking their blood. If you haven’t seen it – check it out.

MS: I can't believe you have seen this, I love it too! Here I thought I was the only one who knew about this gem.

LA: Then, I have to go with another classic – Brian DePalma’s CARRIE – great performances and the ‘horror’ of going through adolescence and high school is relatable… I love the ending!

MS: Adolescence is a horror. The ending is awesome!

LA: To wrap it up I have to go with another combo – musical and horror and finish off with Frank Oz’s LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS – I love the music, I love the performances – who can forget Steve Martin as the Dentist, right? I love Levi Stubbs as the plant – what is not to love about this movie.

MS: Nothing. This movie is pure fun, I agree!

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