Monday, October 8, 2012

The Horror: Joe Castro

Joe Dressed Down For Halloween
Here to celebrate the Halloween season is horror filmmaker, creature creator and make-up artist Joe Castro.

With his innovative "Terror Toons" series (1 & 2) and a library that includes titles like "Jackhammer" & "Near Death" This guy loves the macabre and the one day a year that celebrates it. Let's check in with the man behind the current award winning fright flick "The Summer of Massacre" about his favorite Holiday...Halloween!

MS: Alright Joe I know Halloween is your favorite Holiday tell everyone the five reasons why.

JC: #1 I love all of the black and white classic Universal Horror Films they show at Halloween time every year. Those movies really put you in the Halloween spirit and they really get to the roots of what horror is all about. "Dracula", "The Wolfman", "The Mummy" ..."The Invisible Man" is my favorite!

"The Invisible Man" is the scariest of all the classic Universal Horror Films, because he has the ability to murder people and because he is invisible he can't get caught. He's insane and a force to be reckoned with. If you have not seen this movie in a while, I suggest you go back and watch it.

JC: #2 This year will be different for me, but up until then I used to loved carving pumpkins. I'm on the bandwagon with saving the environment now. Not being wasteful of the Earth's resources, so this year I am making a huge pumpkin out of recyclables. I love them and I  loved carving them, so this year I am creating one instead.

JC: #3 Helping others make their Halloween costume is something that I enjoy doing. Now, I won't make them for them, but I will help out. If I made it for them I would not make it as good as my own (laughs) that's why I offer to help others make theirs. Especially someone who has really never gone out on Halloween I tell them when you go out with me it's like being Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, you have hundreds of people taking your picture. (laughs)
Joe's 2012 Halloween Greeting: The Great Pumpkin
JC: #4 I also love Haunted Houses, and going to Halloween Haunts. A few years ago I went to a Haunted Hayride where you walk around a cornfield, talk about turning into an instant child...I don't care what age you are, or how not into Halloween you might be, you go into a haunted corn field you let loose your inner brat. (laughs) It's one of my favorite things ever to do for Halloween. Also for many years I worked with the March of Dimes and helped put on really huge Haunted Houses for them, it was a blast!

JC: #5 Dressing up is my number one favorite thing to do for Halloween! It's the one time of year I can get as naked as possible in public. (laughs) Seriously that is my goal ever year how naked can I get on Halloween and not get arrested? This years "naked" costume is something I've never tried before, I'm going to make anatomically correct bat wings to wear and nothing else, except for something to cover what would get me arrested if it were exposed. (laughs) Being almost naked around everyone while they are dressed is my favorite thing to do for Halloween.

MS: What projects do you have coming up for all of your fellow horror enthusiasts?

JC: Steve and I are heavily involved in the production of "Terror Toons 3". It's called "Herschell's Gory Story", it stars Hershcell Gordon Lewis the "Godfather of Gore" and Brinke Stevens in a piece called "Brinke's Scary Story". We are forty five minutes into it right now.

Also "The Summer of Massacre" is available for download on "Amazon Instant Video Download".

MS: Thanks Joe,  Have A Happy Naked Halloween!

JC: I always do (laughs)

Don't be scared, learn more about Joe at:

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