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Naama Kates: It's Good To Be "King"

Naama Kates

Naama Kates is back, after her critically acclaimed debut "The Unexamined Life" and the hit single "Before You Lose It" Naama has recently released the CD "King for the Day" I highly recommend it!

Ms. Kates has this to say about her latest: "I wrote it when I was working on"The Unexamined Life", it was the first song I wrote after that record, while it was in production because I felt like, I was kind of living this dream really that I didn't even imagine, having my record done by this amazing producer, its like a lot of musicians' dreams when they come to LA I think".

I caught up with Naama during her album release show at The Silverlake Lounge on March 13th, where she and her band performed a flawless hour long set - It's Naama time!

MS: How are you my dear?

NK: I'm alright, how are you?

MS: Fine. You were so amazing tonight, The Silverlake Lounge has really great acoustics.

NK: Of course I didn't hear what my band sounded like, but I heard what the other ones did, it can be a little loud acoustic wise in there.

MS: I thought the acoustics for your show were dead on.

NK:  You're right, I have seen other shows there and they have sounded really good.

MS: When I go to a live show, I always expect a glitch here and there, but yours was like hearing the album, except it was live.

NK: You know what that is? It's because that is the way we recorded the album actually. There are no overdubs on it at all, all the songs are just a take that we chose, we did maybe a couple on each one, and just chose one. We played them how they are on the album, partly because it was more time and cost effective, that we did it that way (laughs) Hey, it worked!

MS: Very well by the way. I heard most of the album before I came to your show, my thing is I have to hear something a few times before I am super familiar with it.

NK: I so get that. Especially with this album it's not like other things. The structure is kind of wandering and stuff. I know I have to listen to music, a lot, before I know it, enough to know it when I go hear it live. 

MS: What the Hell with that girl who was talking louder than your show?

NK: Yeah, she was talking the whole time, I could hear the same voice, at the same frequency in my ear the whole time, but I couldn't see anything with the lights on me, but the TV in the corner. 

MS: I could not locate her either, I'm like "WTF is that coming from"?!

NK: She was near the front I think.

MS: Well I said something to Andrea ( Delesdernier Naama's PR person) She said "that happens with every show" I'm like noooooooo, that was really special, I mean I talk during a show, but you can't hear me over the whole thing!

NK: Oh, I know, I know. My thing is, I don't mind people talking at my shows, people are there with their friends. But if I am at a show or whatever and I am sitting really close to the front, I won't talk. All I heard was "wa wa wa wa"

Myself & Naama Post Silverlake Lounge Show
MS: Yeah, it was really rude. What I would like to say about the music off of "King for the Day" is it is a lot more low key than the "Unexamined Life".

NK: It's more down tempo.

MS: The more uptempo songs were not as frequent on "King" as they were on "Unexamined". Is that where you are at right now?

NK: You know, I don't really plan that when I write. Like, I don't ever have any pre-conceived ideas what I am going to write, period, when I do. All I know is I am going to write...I just sit down and do it, I guess it is a reflection of where I am. The things I am talking about on this album are a little more calm, it also has a lot to do with the arrangements. It was arranged with a four piece band, it was really organic.

MS: I get that, that's the way I write, and I think all writers do too. But, even though you say "it's what comes out" it is not as random as we writers think.

NK: There is definitely some driving force behind it, with the subconscious and everything...pushing the message out. But you are not calculating it or contriving it consciously at the same time.

MS: I one hundred percent agree with that. Creativity is winged on it's own level.

NK: Definitely! Life is not that deliberate. 

MS: BTW, since I turned you on to it, are you loving "Pretty Little Liars"?

NK: Yes! Great characters and story, good call!

Check out one of my favorite artists  Naama Kates and crown yourself "King" at:

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