Monday, May 27, 2013

Jason Walker Has The Beat

Look! It's Jason Walker!
International recording artist Jason Walker is back with his latest hit "Beat Don't Stop" which shot to number five on the Billboard Dance Charts.

In addition to kicking it on the charts, Jason's "Raise Your Hands" won an Out Music Award for Best Inspirational Song.

OK, everyone what are you waiting for? Put on your dancing shoes, it's Jason Time!

MS: Mr. Walker I must compliment you, you have quite the falsetto going on.

JW: Oh, thanks. It's not a falsetto though.

MS: Really?

JW: I'm just Fucking with ya! (laughs)

MS: I really like the message of "Beat Don't Stop" by the way, you made a statement that there a shift of consciousness is happening in the world right now. I agree, you can actually feel it happening.

JW: Oh completely.

MS: People are realizing that they need to work together and do something to make a change.

JW: Oh yeah, things are not going to change on their own.

MS: Madonna is one of your musical idols I noticed. There are parts of the video for "Beat Don't Stop" that remind me of the video for "Ray of Light".

JW: Oh really? That's cool! I love that album, it was ahead of it's time when it came out.

MS: The press release on says "Beat Don't Stop" went to number five on the Billboard Dance Charts. Did it climb any higher post the release?

JW: No, it peaked at number five. I will be honest with you, I was happy when it went to the tenth spot on the charts and then it kept moving, and I thought it would be great if it went to number five and I got my wish.

MS: Explain your statement about being a "child of the rave".

JW: I'm a raver baby. I was in Pittsburgh in the late 1990's and the rave scene, at least there, was jumping off. It was a really magical time, one of the best times of my life! One of my best friends and I went to a lot of parties together and discovered a lot of music, you can't buy those kind of memories. The rave scene was a great time for music, especially dance music, there was so much incredible stuff out at that time. My love of club and house music really solidified itself during this period within me. Oh, that music, it was so much fun! It was never about the drugs, so many people made it about the drugs, it was never about that for me. It was about going and listening to who was playing what and how it made you feel, that's the definition of dance music, it's about how it makes you feel.

MS: You also mentioned that you thought of  dance music as something to bring people together.

                                                     Jason Walker "Beat Don't Stop"
JW: Oh it completely does. I don't feel that it has lost any of that, I feel like dance music has lost a little bit of soul, that bothers me. But hopefully it's something that me and other artists who feel like I do can bring back a little bit.

MS: Dance music has to be really good and stand out to me, or I won't listen as most of it is generic.

JW: A lot of it really is anymore.

MS: You also had a number one video on Logo "I Can't Get You Off Of My Mind".

JW: I did!

MS: So, did you pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate?

JW: Well, actually I did! (laughs) I had some people over and we drank a lot of champagne. (laughs)

MS: Did you serve any finger foods?

JW: No, we just stuck to liquor. (laughs) We didn't get too wasted, but wasted enough!

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