Tuesday, February 11, 2014

100% Grade "A" Pentatonix

Truly Original: PTX
While we love Pentatonix doing covers and mash-ups celebrating all of the Katys, Justins and Daft Punks of the world, it is about high time they sang something of their own doing, PTX has decided to "Run To You." Yes you, all you legions of Pentatonix fans with their first original PTX song called, I bet you can't guess?

"Run To You!" Yes! You get that gold star from the teacher even though you secretly put salt in her coffee this week.

The single is featured on the gangs latest album "PTX Volume 2."

Just one more of many reasons to love these guys...Woot!

                                                                 "Run To You"

"Run" to PTX official for all of the latest PTX News: http://ptxofficial.com/

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