Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fifty Shades Of Grey - Trailer

OK, here comes something I feel obligated to post as it is all the Internet rage right now the first official trailer for the movie based on the wildly popular E.L. James domination epic Fifty Shades of Grey.

Hey sex sells and this will increase traffic to my blog so here goes my two cents worth on it, OK it's more like fifty cents worth.

First of all my only familiarity with the novel is it's own notoriety, I have not read it, nor could I pick out author E.L. James in a line up.

That being stated, I found the trailer interesting, although the dialogue is rather stilted, but I am a big proponent of supporting films that explore sexuality in an interesting, adult, erotic and sexy manner.

Having just made that statement that is territory best left to independent filmmakers, the last time any Hollywood studio made good films regarding sexuality in an adult and frank manner was, a quite golden age of cinema to me, the 1970's.

Also an interesting fact, when I heard the unique version of Beyonce's Crazy In Love adding ambiance to the trailer I assumed Universal paid someone to cover it so they would not have to pay through the nose to license it. Only to find out not only did they license the song, they paid Queen B to re-record the vocals in a lusty manner herself.

Uh, Wow! That's a big vote of confidence, they are really marketing this film like a summer blockbuster sure to add some sort of something extra to your Valentine's Day 2015.

Universal did smartly choose two little know TV actors Dakota Johnson from Ben and Kate as submissive Anastasia Steele and Jamie Dornan from Once Upon A Time as dominant Christian Grey. Therefore they come into the movie with no baggage of an already preconceived notion of who they are to the world at large.

Rumor has it that Universal has an R and NC-17 version of the film they are going to release. The trailer does intrigue me enough to rate it an "I'm curious to see it" on my need to see meter.

But should I actually make the effort to go remains to be seen and if I do, it will be the NC-17 version all the way!

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