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Michael Shinafelt: U + UR Hand

Everyone Needs A Hand Sometimes
"Keep your drink just give me the money
It's just u + ur hand tonight" - Pink

OK people it's time to keep it real, honest & raw with yours truly. Friend and fellow horror fan M.E. Franco, author of the popular supernatural thriller Dion series of books: Where Will You Run? Where Will You Hide? & Where Will You Turn? Was curious about me and my Entertainment Journalism career.

Prepare yourself, I am direct and do not hold back, I talk candidly about my most surprising subject and tell you who the biggest Jackhole was I have ever dealt with. 

That's right, it's just you, me and our hands, right here, right now!

ME: Some personal things that I always like about your blog, but may not have said, is that I love the way you are supportive and respectful of people. Even when you make fun of stuff, or look at things critically, you are usually positive, and I love that about your writing
Hey M.E. Glad UR Entertained 

MS: I am flattered and happy you noticed. There is too much negativity in the world and I want to Entertain as well as be truthful without being snarky or a jerk.

ME: What got you interested in the entertainment industry?

MS: Growing up I loved movies, I used to watch them, go to them and breath them day and night. I also loved TV shows as well. One of my favorite things was to watch horror movies on TV on the weekend with my Dad. I came to Los Angeles to act and ended up writing and have now gotten back into acting again as well.

ME:. Who was the first person you interviewed?

MS: Singer Erin Hamilton, who happens to be Carol Burnett's daughter. She was sweet enough to be my first interview, we met for coffee and it was a fun time!

ME:. What have you learned about interviewing since then?

MS: To prepare less and not write down any questions. All I ever write down are a few notes about names of things the subject is doing or has upcoming. My experience has taught me to simply have a conversation as the person you are interviewing will tell you everything you need to know.

ME: Whose interview surprised you most?

MS: Margaret Cho. My first interview with her was sitting across from her on a couch after a photo shoot that she had done for it. Our chat was the cover story for Frontiers magazine. She was really low key and quite demure, I thought because of the lack of energy the interview was going to suck, it didn't. She gave great answers...while I did not expect her to be like her stage personae, I also did not expect how shy she actually was. Since then I have interviewed her several times and she now knows me, we basically have conversations and she is a lot more relaxed.
Me & Margaret Cho
ME:. Who would be your dream interview, and what one question are you dying to ask?

MS: I would have liked to have interviewed Elizabeth Taylor. What would I ask? What wouldn't you ask her?! She really lived! I would also like to have chatted up Joan Rivers, another woman with an incredible life who you could ask everything.

ME: You're a big fan of horror movies and have been in a few yourself. What do you find so appealing about horror movies?

MS: There is a catharsis with them, a visceral thing. Not to mention they are just plain fun and entertaining! Who doesn't like a good scare?

ME: What was your most spectacular death scene?

MS: My death scene in The Summer Of Massacre - something that I know you have seen. I loved sitting at the premiere with my then boyfriend and seeing the Boogeyman crush my skull in slowly until it popped like a cherry on a fifty foot screen, it was awesome!
Premiere Time: Myself & "The Boogeyman" Scott Barrows 

ME: Is there a famous horror character you'd like to interview? What questions would you ask?

MS: Norman Bates. I would ask him: Does mother really know best?

ME: On your blog, you outspokenly cover what you love, including controversial topics. Is there any topic(s) you avoid?

MS: Politics. I refuse to discuss that, and I can't stand people who do. If you know the answers get in office and go solve the United States many issues, please I would love for them to be resolved. I have my opinions, but mostly, unless I am with really close friends, I keep them to myself.

ME: You often build relationships with the musicians and entertainers you interview, which makes your blog so much more personal and interesting to read. Do you ever get nervous before an interview? If so, what do you do to relax?

MS: Never. Being an actor, and having a certain amount of my own celebrity sort of makes those nerves not exist for me. Especially since a lot of my subjects are friends of mine in real life. People in the music biz especially cotton to me as I have studied piano, guitar and have sang. I can still read sheet music and a keyboard - which I love. Thus I can talk shop with them and know what I am actually saying, same goes for the actors I interview as well. Since I have done, and still do it...

ME: Have you ever had an interview get out hand?

MS: Yes, Marky Ramone, who was not one of The Ramones founding members but was inducted into the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame with them. He bumped our time twice during the day to later than scheduled. The second time the PR guy gave me his direct number and said that Marky told him to have me call him in fifteen minutes. I did and Marky told me he was shopping or some lame thing and to call again in an hour. That was the straw that broke the camels back! I called the PR guy and said that clearly Marky was a complete Jackhole with no intent on giving an interview and no respect for my time and I called the whole thing off.

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