Wednesday, October 1, 2014

"Where Are The Freaks? I'm Getting Bored!"

Spiders To The Max!
It's October, my faaaaaaaavorite time of year, and anyone who follows this blog knows why. 

Because it's when the freaks come out, not just at night, but twenty-four hours seven days a week..Wicked!

Yep, I am a horror junkie, thus I love Halloween and to me, it is a month long celebration.

Thus every year at this time all posts I make for the entire month will be directly or, via my creative imagination, related to the high holy day.

A few examples of last year's horrific fun for those who might be uninitiated are:

Which Way To Pet Sematary?
An interview with Fiona Dourif, the daughter of Chucky literally. About her lead role in the latest sequel to the homicidal doll series Curse of Chucky.

Margaret Cho on her love of Ouija Boards.

Traci Lords chiming in on why she avoids mirrors.

Also, there is my annual Halloween fun with fellow horror lover, author M.E. Franco.

Yes, I do have some awesome shocks, cool surprises and freaky stuff coming your way this month, but most of all, prepare to be entertained!

The photos accompanying this piece are courtesy of Me, Myself and I. They were shot at Horror/Supernatural/Erotic author James Buchanan's annual Halloween shindig.

Speaking of "freaky" let's kick off October 1st 2014 with the latest trailer via Buzzfeed for American Horror Story: Freak Show...Step right up, Boo!

                                                                  Look, It's The Freaks!

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