Monday, January 5, 2015

Brooke Shields Inspires

Brooke Shields: Hot and She Knows It

So this 49 year old got back from Christmas with his family and hit the eating healthy and back to the gym thing. When what to my wandering eyes online did appear? A fantastic photo of a same aged Brooke Shields, minus the tiny reindeer.

Brooke looks amazing at 49, and is my inspiration for the New Year to make myself my own personal best I can be.

OK, I will never look like Ms. Shields, for obvious reasons. The main one being I am not a woman. 

She is inspirational though as she has been one of the few Hollywood stars who has aged gracefully without a grotesque Nip/Tuck - a show which she has guest starred on coincidentally.

Am I saying she hasn't had work? No. I actually have nothing against plastic surgery I would get it on my eyes if I had the dough. What I am stating is, she has aged well and looks like a magnificent older version of herself.

Yes, I am a Brooke fan, from The Blue Lagoon to Suddenly Susan, I think she is terrific! 

She currently has a tell all book out that is quite juicy titled: There Was a Little Girl: The Real Story of My Mother and Me.

Best to the two of us turning 50 in 2015, Cheers! 

Brooke on IMDB:

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