Sunday, September 6, 2015

Where In The World Is Drew Barrymore???

Drew Barrymore Italian Style

Drew Barrymore hasn't been in the spotlight much of late and if you are like me you might have thought on occasion: Where in the world is Drew Barrymore?

Well as it turns out she is in Italy, yes that's correct Drew broke out her black one piece swimsuit and got all Italian on our asses!

So now the other burning question still remains, when are we going to see Drew in a movie again?

Turns out November 6th will be that day. Drew will be starring opposite one of my other faves Toni Collette as well as Dominic Cooper in Miss You Already, which is described as a romantic dramedy.

Congratulations on completing Drew Barrymore 101 - enjoy your Labor Day Weekend Sunday!

Keep Tabs on Drew at IMDB

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