Sunday, September 13, 2015

Whitney and the Holograms?

I'm Your Hologram Tonight
Whitney Houston
Yep, it's true! Whitney Houston will be giving Jem and the Holograms a run for their money in 2016.

Get ready folks, Whitney's hologram will be touring. Personally I find this concept weird. I mean they will have to take footage from already recorded Houston performances and recordings to put this apparition together, correct?

Well don't all of you die hard WH fans own all of that paraphernalia already? 

Yeah, I really don't get the lure of paying what is likely to be primo dinero to watch ghosts of the past culled from material of the real deal that is already out there, nothing spontaneous or interesting about that now is there?!

Or maybe there is, but this type of thing is not for this guy. 

Food for thought, have the happiest of Sundays and remember...

"You've given me ecstasy, you are my fantasy
I'm your baby tonight"...

Whitney Online is a Virtual as I Want To Go:

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