Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Voice Of God Is Now On GPS

I Can Walk On Water and I'm an APP!
Morgan Freeman
"Life is a mystery everyone must stand alone" - Madonna - Like A Prayer

That's correct people, life truly is full of mystery, but now you don't need to stand alone. 

God is now on your fucking GPS! Can I get an, amen people?! (Yeah, I went trite, move on)

Distinguished, not to mention all around amaze balls actor, Morgan Freeman who portrayed God in Bruce Almighty. Will now guide down the stony end on GPS. As long as you don't cast them.

Of course this is a tie in to his latest film London Has Fallen. The sequel to Olympus Has Fallen, where he plays this Vice President of the United States. Hey, this man played God, damn it! Shouldn't he at least have been cast as POTUS? Just sayin'....

Oh yeah, the APP? It's available on Google for free! Wow! That's cheaper than belonging to a congregation and much more entertaining! 

Time for a commercial break (it's all about the APP)

Morgan on IMDB:

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