Saturday, October 1, 2016

Afraid Of Clowns?

Sexy or Scary? You Decide.
Michael Shinafelt
Photo: Dusti Cunningham
It's October 1st my minions and you all know by now what that means, thirty more days until Halloween!!! Boo-yah! 

As you can see I am not clowning around and excited for the upcoming Black Celebration. Yes I just made a reference to a Depeche Mode song that fits the season like that missing piece from a Jigsaw puzzle. (Yes, that was a Saw reference ; )

There are so many reasons to love Halloween more than Christmas. One is Satan, who is my favorite mythological beast. He gets a lot more play this time of year. Two is my favorite horror film of all time is named after it, like duh, the title is John Carpenter's Halloween. Three there is magic in the air, with no judgement calls on the source of it. Four is that Freddy Krueger will be haunting somebody's dreams that night, jamming! Need I go on? I thought not.

Cheers to the month of the macabre on Entertain Me I promise you lots of edgy & downright questionable posts from here on out. All bets are off, and no one is let's get the party started with Black Celebration below by Depeche Mode, Ghouls! 

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