Monday, December 12, 2016

Double Ryan's, Double The Fun!

Three Way?
Ryan Reynolds & Ryan Gosling
Once upon a time there were two hunky actors name Ryan. One with the last name of Reynolds, the other Gosling. They collided in one truly lust inducing moment at the Critic's Choice Awards held in Santa Monica, CA

Reynolds being nominated for Deadpool and Gosling for La La Land. This satiated the fantasy of a menage for many women & gay men.

Personally I would not kick either of them to the curb. But if I had to pick one, just one, I would go with the Ryan named Gosling. Yep, I tend to like my guys a little more edgy, and Gosling has that in abundance.

Of note Reynolds won for Best Actor in a Comedy for Deadpool, while my my boy Gosling did not for La La Land. Yep, Reynolds whipped Gosling's butt in the competition. 

Hey, I don't judge the object of my personal lust on such things. Gosling I am still here for you if you ever need me, I've got your back! 

Check out the list of winners from the award ceremony here:

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