Monday, March 28, 2016

Bieber Booty Monday

Justin Bieber
Want to See My Booty?

"Big, big booty, What you got a big booty" - Jennifer Lopez & Iggy Azalea 

Female celebrities have been extolling the virtues of their big, round, bubble booties for quite sometime now.

I guess it's not really a guy thing? Well luckily Justin Bieber has taken one for the male team and has posted numerous photos of his hot bubble butt online.

Why shouldn't he? It's real and it's spectacular! 

Think whatever you will about him as a person, you can not deny that Bieber has one fine ass!!!

Recently Justin was shot by John Shahidi on a camping trip standing naked by a lake his full bare backside on display. Which Bieber then posted on his Instagram, of course. 

Justin has no reason to say Sorry for this sexy shot. Keep them coming Biebs your fans, and people who simply like looking at a beautiful butt thank you.

It's Bieber Booty Time!

Bieber Booty

Bet you want to follow Justin on Instagram now...

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