Friday, April 8, 2016

A Quickie With Ted Casablanca

It's My Gallery & I'll Do What I Want To
Ted Casablanca 
Once upon a time there was a gossip named Ted Casablanca real name, Bruce Bibby. He worked at E! as a correspondent and online columnist. Well Teddy moved on from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood to Hollywood lite in Palm Springs, CA - where he opened an art gallery called the Ted Casablanca Gallery, naturally. From gossip to art, how does that shift happen? 

Here to answer that in a quickie 10 is Mr. Casablanca, Bibby, Casablanca - my sister, my daughter, oh fuck it! Here is Ted Casablanca

MS: Ted Casablanca    

TC Yep, he's a fag. A big one.                                                                                 

MS: Bruce Bibby

TC: He's a fag, too, just not as averse to vaginal exploration as Ted is.

MS: Art

TC: My first love and talent, before film and writing.

MS: Valley of the Dolls

TC: Trashy but truthful.

MS: Gossip 
TC: Truthful but trashy.                              
Is This Art?
Teddy C. Nude

MS: Palm Springs

TC: Rebirth.

MS: Unicorns

TC: Who gives a fuck.

MS: Monica Orozco

TC: Genius in the making.

MS: Relationship Status

TC: Happy at last. Not what I was expecting.

MS: Have you ever danced with the Devil in the pale moonlight?

TC: Yes. But luckily I don't see Kris Jenner much anymore.

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