Wednesday, April 20, 2016

"How Many F#@ks" It's Hump Day

Give A Suck, Not A F#@k!
Erika Jayne

While I know everyone beat me to posting the new Erika Jayne video, with whips & chains, yesterday. I felt however "Hump Day" was the perfect time to post a video for a song titled "How Many F#@ks."

Erika Jayne has been around for a spell in the music world, she is especially known among gay men ( she was named Queen of this year's White Party in Palm Springs after all.) Being on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has given her singing career a HUGE boost! Watching the show it is obvious as to why...

Who wouldn't want a loyal, smart, tough, sexy, sassy broad to call their own as a fierce friend?! 

Like she tells it: "Everyone needs a little Erika Jayne in their lives." 

Ya know what? I think she's on to something with that. Erika Jayne embodies the bad girl/boy in us all. The things we want to say and do, but don't act upon publicly she does.

Her latest song definitely strikes a raw nerve on something that we all want to parade around proclaiming loudly and in public, but for obvious reasons the sentiment is kept private.

I know I am feeling this catchy little number in 4,3,2...1!!!

                                                             How Many F#@ks

Give Zero F#@cks With Erika at:           

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