Monday, June 4, 2018

Just Because...Channing Tatum

I'm Gonna Strut
Channing Tatum
Just Because I am feeling loopy today, Just Because pigs are going to fly and Just Because he has a really cool name - here is Channing Tatum strutting the streets of London. Not walking them, then he would be a street walker

While I don't get particularly turned on by Mr. Tatum like a majority you minions do, his presence is quite winning and as stated above, what other actor has as cool a name as he does? Yeah, I knew you couldn't give me an answer to that, because there isn't one.

Moving on, I really don't have much more to extrapolate on regarding al things Channing. Other than Tatum does have a quite well proportioned body and I am sure, despite the fact that he doesn't do much for me in the nether region, he is a really good shag.

Mic Drop!

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